Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just another day

A typical day for me, load up the SUV and try and sell some goods.  On this Wednesday I decided to ask a friend to help me load up so I could set up my space at a consignment shop I sell out of.   Some of you already know I do this others may not.  I sell my junk (I mean treasures) out of a consignment shop in Walnut Creek.  It gives me another place to move my inventory around, and keep my goods fresh.  Seriously I think it just gives me another reason to shop for more things.  For whatever it's worth it helps pays the bills and with a wife and two kids in high school making money in a vintage market every little bit helps.  Thanks to Natalie Thompson for helping me tag and load couldn't have done it without you, well actually could have but it would have taken me a lot longer. 
 Ok so here is the place I set up at it's Room With a Past a very successful shop they open just 4 days a month.  They have it all.  Customers, customers and more customers.  What more can you ask for.  The other cosigners that work there are so friendly it's really kind of scary.  Kind of like the Stepford wife's but way better.  They are all so helpful with each other and dynamite with the customers.  Oh and the best part they serve coffee and cookies.  As a cosigner you are not suppose to eat the sweets but I sneak a few each hour I work my shift.  I mean you have to make sure they are not poisonous, right?  For the customers sake.   
 Ok so here is my spot, I cannot take the credit for the setup, that belongs to Natalie, oh and thanks Natalie.  She has a great eye for display, I usually just cram it in.  She made sure there was some conformity and balance.  Colors with colors, height, and drawing your eyes to the center.  Amazing I learned something today.  Wonder what she's doing next month?   
 Ok so now to the fun part, we were on our way back after the set up and I asked Natalie if she would accompany me to another shop I have sold some goods to in the past.  The place is called Farmyard Darlings and is out of Lafayette, CA or was it Texas, hhhmmm.  I didn't really know what to expect but was truly amazed with their goods and how they display them.  The owners Carole Sinclair and Kim Berry are high energy gals who know how to shop and based on these photos are on the forefront of this business.  You can tell they are drawn to everything horse, ranch and farming hence the name Farmyard Darlings.  Still trying to figure out where the darlings came from?  Kidding they are the sweetest gals.  
 A style all it's own I mean look at this the horns in a wooden trowel.  I could see this in my place, well I would have to sneak them in first, then hope my wife doesn't notice them, maybe while she is sleeping she'll never know. 
 Ok so this is my best photo of their place.  You can see it just all works together seamlessly.  The farm pictures in the background, and the round sculpture made out of wine barrel rings.  They had everything cow hide, burlap pillows and wire baskets, milk jugs and mason jars, I mean I could go on and on.  Wait let me mention one last thing the lights (stealing that idea for my shop).
 Ok so after looking inside and trust me there is way more than the photos suggest I wandered outside for a peak.  Look what I found a table and benches and this travel trunk and a cow hide table cloth with the dishes and the horn's again (calling my name).  After looking at this I fantasized about friends in the backyard drinking wine and talking about whatever people talk about when they are drinking and how much fun it would be.  This place is dangerous.  I mean living out your dreams, buying what makes you happy.  Is it really that easy.
 So back to reality.  The Darlings are nestled into a another shop of plants and flowers it's called Mt. Diablo Nursery & Garden.  Look at the beauty I mean why would you want to leave this place.  Doesn't seem like work when you can look out your door and see this landscape.  I never asked but everything is for sale I am sure of it.  I do know they also advice people on landscaping and have a professional designer (the owner) I did ask about that. 
 Ok so here is another shot.  It just looks so good, could spend some serious dough here but not today.  I think I will return after I get my check from the sale earlier in the day.  I know control, right?
So if you are ever in Lafayette you need to check this place out.  They take plastic so go wild and live out your dreams.  Just another day or is it?  Cisco

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