Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting my own shop

 So it has finally happened.  I have a place to call my own.  A shop.  14 months after building my first birdhouse and selling my wares at Farmers Markets, consignment shops, Antique and Vintage fairs and Flea Markets I am settling down.  Here a photo of the front of the store.  The place is about 1150 square feet of useable space for building, storing, painting and creating new items for the home and garden.  The place needs some work but if I can turn a twin size bedframe into a garden bench or a pile of lumber into a potting bench I think I can tackle this project.  When I am done I will update this blog with the transformation.
 This photo is of the back of the store lots of brick, too bad someone covered the inside of the building with plaster to hide the brick.  It would have given the place an aged feel and more character.  The window is a nice addition even on the back and it has handles to open and close them.  The fiberglass on the windows will have to come down and the windows cleaned.  Just to the left it looks as if there used to be a spot to burn trash.  It has been sealed up for years I am sure.  I can't wait to get in there and start the renovation process.
 The bathroom, quite small and lifeless.  For a commercial building I guess that says it all.  Probably didn't get much use but I have some ideas for it already.  Maybe a new sink and mirror.  A cubby to hide the essentials and I have this idea for the walls.  You'll have to wait.
 This is probably the main reason I got the place.  It has a roll up door.  The side of the door is a little tweeked I'll have to call the landlord on that.  But as far a roll up door goes it still opens and operates.  Just to the right of the door is my mail area.  Can't wait for all the bills to start rolling in, maybe I should seal it off.  Kidding.
 The inside of the place is primarily concrete.  I will have to clean and scrub the floors and maybe fill in a few cracks but that's it.  The previous tenant left the shelves.  They are perfect for storing my goods and creations.  Although 1150 square seems like alot of space it won't take me long to fill it.  My wife can't wait to get her house back I am sure.  Currently I have projects all over the place, garage, backyard, sideyard, storage shed, porch, patio and yes in the house.  Ok so it is a little overwheming for her but everything eventually gets worked on and sold.  Come on someone back me up on this one.    
Last but not least the showroom.  It has great potential and I will be hosting my wares in this spot.  It is about 250 square feet.  It is carpeted but it is heavily stained so it will have to be cleaned or go altogether.  This is where my items will be displayed for purchase or simply gazing.  I am not sure when I will be finished with the space hopefully by months end.  I am not sure how many days I will be open yet, when I will be done and when I can start selling so keep tuned in.  Wish me luck as this a big step for me.