Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Using reused materials to stage a porch

 Now that the holidays are officially over and the new year has begun I made some promises to my wife.  We both agreed to put more effort into adding some charm to our living space.  Since I have been growing my business "Restore & Rework" I have neglected my share of projects in our home, there just doesn't seem to be enough time.  This is the first in a series of home projects I have completed using strictly reused or found objects.  Of course owning a junk store (Restore & Rework) makes it a whole lot easier but everything shown here can be done with ease.  I hope it inspires you to start your own project.

 I used some stencils and a piece of recycled wood, a door hinge attached the back for hanging the street address.
 A galvanized oil pan has a new life as a planter box.  Add soil, plants and angels can't go wrong.
 A crate now become a home for plants just below the oil pan.

 Planter box under the sitting bench, when the plants mature this will be amazing.  I made the box myself, it was sitting in the shop but no one ever asked about it guess it was meant to stay with me.



More stencils No. 3 on a coal bucket.  It serves as another planter with moss and stones.

 Rusty wire basket with moss and ivy.  Love.


A vignette of old rusty found objects. 
 Another idea is to use old drawers as planters this one fits the bill. 

 This birdcage I found at an Antique Market, rusty, metal, beat up, just perfect.

 I ended up painting the bench and distressed it, it was a dark grey.  Pillow was a coffee bean bag.

 Tool bag and cut ladder now holds spent branches.


A piece of old fencing, a basket and a hanging plant.


Love galvanized buckets, this one is being used to add more interest to an open space.  I hung it with rope and then from the rafters.


I added this chippy cabinet for storage of my cleaning supplies I use on the goods I buy for the store, they are now out of the way and organized and not staring me in the face when I get home from work, the shelf was not part of the cabinet it was a shelf I turned upside down and simply place on top of the cabinet.  I think they all love their new home what do you think?

 My favorite shot (above).

This project took me a few days to complete but worth all the time and effort.  Using found objects to any decor project adds more interest and also keeps them out of the landfill.  Thank you for reading.  Cisco