Monday, May 21, 2012

San Leandro Citywide Garage Sale

 Today is Saturday morning and since I never have a Saturday off was puzzled as to what to do with myself.  My wife wanted to go the the Castro Valley Farmers Market while I at markets every weekend and decided not to tag along with her and my daughter.  I wanted to check out a few garage sales and decided to check out Craigslist.  As it turns out many of the postings were coming from the San Leandro area and after checking out the city website learned that they were having their annual Citywide Garage Sale.  The site said they had 300 signed up for the event and since I had attended last years know there are many more to discover.  So here is my SUV empty before leaving for the day.
 This was my first purchase of the day.  A couple of vintage windows.  I never asked the owner but were the spiders part of the deal?  Seems these little guys are hard to come by these days and they sell quite quickly so I had to have them.  For whatever reason the owner wouldn't let me photograph her.  I told her I was going to do a blog on my finds for the day but she still wasn't willing.  I'm thinking maybe Americas Most Wanted?  Who knows.
 One of my stops was at a fellow vendor of mine at the Treasure Island Flea Market.  She lives in San Leandro and of course had some goodies out for sale.  She agreed to have me photo her isn't she lovely?  She sews and makes purses and other pieces.  This is one of her works the jacket with the collage and just behind her the flag or banner made of  scrap material.  Her work is awesome although I do not have a need to sport a purse these days can recommend her work.  She sells at the TI event at the end of the month ask for Donna.  Oh and thanks for the margarita's Donna, if you visit her next year just ask her for a sip I am sure she will share.
 This was one of the garage sales I visited.  You can get an idea of how much stuff is out there.  People were willing to deal and for me that is great.  They get rid of something they are tired of and I get a new piece to brag about.  Not sure where all of this stuff has been stored but out of all of the garage sales I had been to on this day this one had the most to look at.  I think she had a good day.  Here is what I bought from her.
 Frames.  Yes I know another frame.  I know I know but they sell and I can never have a enough of them.  These ornate ones are easier to unload so I made an offer and she accepted and they came home with me.  Probably paint them white.  Gives them a newness feel.
 One of my other finds was this desk.  No it was not free as stated on the side of the desk (I wish).  The owner told me they found it on the side of the road for free and planned to paint it and restore it.  Well that never happened look at it.  It is in poor neglected health.  Don't worry I have plans for this little guy.  By the way when I found it in the owner's garage the draws were in different parts of the garage.  They weren't even sure they had them all.  Thanks to my keen eye all were found and loaded into my SUV it was.
 Ok so here is my truck at the end of the day.  I am going to unload it all and show you what I found today.  By the way to all of my 19 followers I do this for you.  I want to show you what it is all about.  What I do, where I go, how I find.  Maybe it will inspire a few to take on a project of your own.  Second use is the way to go.  It's good for all (except the folks overseas), sorry.
 Ok so here is the loot.  Ya more frames a hot commodity for me.  Look at all these babies.  I found them at an estate sale while I was out in San Leandro by accident of course.  Carol the owner was gracious enough to give me a fair deal on the frames, books and other items.  After I told her what I was to do with them I had to invite her to my Open Studio I have once a month.  As yes Carol I meant what I said come pick something out it is on the house.  Next opening is June 9th.
Here are the books quite vintage and I think the complete set.  Will have to break them up and sell them individually though.  They have just the right look and the pages are aged just love them.  These bottle also a great find were a nice addition and don't they look fantastic in this photo.  I snuck a music page underneath and now they just pop.
 Ok so I am not sure why I bought these but I do have a thing for sets.  I believe these were made to hold up a doll collection.  Quite a few and made of metal.  Two of them were actually made from an old can cut apart and quite crafty.  Who would have had the time to make such a thing?  It got me to think about times of the past when one could find time to make something with there own hands not relying on a machine to knock it out or market to go buy it at.  Maybe I will watch an old movie tonight.
Ok so here is the final photo of all of my pieces for the day.  Quite a selection I know but all items you will find at my next Open Studio in June.  Now the real work begins on all of these items of cleaning and painting, tagging and displaying, yes a lot of work but has it's rewards.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. You were born under some "flea market/garage sale - I find the best stuff" sign....I swear....something still tells me you are headed towards a store open more than once a month....say 3 days a week...maybe with someone who does something different than you...vintage clothing, artwork, just painted furniture....they could man the store (granted your goods are priced)...leaving you free to "treasure hunt" would be good because they need time to paint it and can 'stay put' for a few days granted they have a few pieces to work on...just sayin'