Thursday, October 20, 2011

Store opening For those of you that are still reading my posts I must apologize to you.  I have been extremely busy preparing for the opening of my workshop/shop.  All the hard work that goes into cleaning, painting, preparing, building, creating, and did I say painting (my arm was about to fall off and thank you Laura and Ingrid for all your help) it's really a wonder that it all got done in time for the opening.  By the way the first opening was October 8th for one day only.  I have decided to keep the theme and open once a month on the second Saturday of the month for now.  Once things get going I am thinking about having a featured artist, collector in addition to what I carry.  For now though it is just me, myself and I.  The first show was a great success as I was able to break my own one day record in sales so thank you to all who supported the first show.  Now the real work is at hand.  Trying to keep things going and getting the word out.  I am looking for any suggestions to help me promote my event.  I have advertised in our local paper, joined to chamber, passed out postcards, passed out posters to businesses I frequent, emailed everyone I know or have known (sorry for those who are getting bombarded).  I am up for any other suggestions.  Attached above you will find a Utube video a client did of my shop on the opening day.  It really came out quite good thank you Tess.  My next opening will be Saturday November 12th, from 9-6 hope you can make it out.  Cisco