Friday, June 29, 2012

Pop Up Shop and more....

 So I get this invite a few weeks back to attend a "Pop Up Shop" from Justjunk and Green House Supply and I am curious to find out what it is all about.  Since it was way out of my way (Campbell) I decided to make a day out of it.  My wife a little reluctant was the driver.  In this world of junking I am finding the most creative people do the the most creative things hence the creation of "Pop Up Shop".  Here is my definition of what I think it is two dealers wanted to do something fun and open a shop with their goods displayed and for sale at a residence in the backyard and side driveway for a few hours on a Friday.
This is the first thing you see when you walked in, I see a theme at this temporary shop.  Feels a little like 4th of July.  Red, white and blue everywhere.  Where are the sparklers?  This display caught my eye and I had to photo it for you.  Plenty to choose from books, letters, numbers, clocks and furniture my kind of place.
In addition to all the other treasures they had a discount table and I love discounts so of course I had to take a look.  This is where I found my best finds,vintage mail box fronts and the letter "E".  Now I can complete my daughters name in her room Danielle I was missing the "E".  It was a project I started a few years back with mismatch letters.  I'll have to photo it for you someday. 
 More of their great stuff metal file drawers (love metal) and old brushes.  I have had them before the old brushes that is and they look great in an empty mason jar or on top of vintage book just by themselves.  Bingo cards to the right seem to be a popular item although I can never find them.  Actually once at a flea market I did find them but someone beat me to the punch won't mention any names, Lonae. 
 I know this photo isn't very clear however the green stuff is moss (I believe) growing out of a planter.  They used it as a display for the jewelry they were selling.  I like the idea, if the piece doesn't sell it gets grown over and back to the earth it goes.  Of course I am kidding I thought it was a great idea.  I should have zoomed in but with my camera it just gets fuzzy so here is the best shot.  Thank you Donna for the invite and my new finds, looking forward to your next Pop Up Shop. 
 My next stop was just over the hill on Highway 17.  Well not just over the hill since we got caught in traffic on a Friday eve.  Still it was worth the effort even though my wife keep looking over at me.  The place called Saffron and Genevieve Home is a place for everything unique.  The owner Scarlett Fiona Reed was a dear to allow me to photo some of her great finds.  She specializes in found objects and interior design.  I could really use her help on my own place after walking through her treasures trove.   
 I mean look at this display right behind the counter.  It was amazing all of the pieces carefully placed just like a vintage collage only this is the real deal.  I see nature and vintage as the theme here.  After reading the home page of her website I can tell that Scarlett really does travel the country to find these great pieces I mean she has to, look at all these great finds.
So I know what you are thinking, out of a magazine right?  Wrong, I took this photo in her shop and it just resins with character.  The books a staple and the vintage trophies, hey I have some of these in my shop but no one ever asks about them.  I knew they could look good and here is a great example.  The hive or nest just to the right adds the perfect natural element.  The dresser not painted just love it. 
Scarlett also sells jewelry, what impressed me about the pieces was actually how it is displayed with her vintage finds.  Books, vintage jars, in an open suitcase just perfect.  Now if I did wear jewelry which I currently don't this may pursuad me to.  These photos are just a sampling of her inventory as she has so much more.  I wanted to photograph the whole shop for you but I didn't want to overstep my bounds.  If you are in the area this shop is a must check out tell her that I sent you.
Ok so my next stop was at a place called Arbor Antique and Garden shop in Santa Cruz.  I heard of this place through a vendor I purchased from at The Point in Alameda.  She told me that I should check this place out if I was into garden elements and structures and visiting Santa Cruz.  So I was and I did and here I am.  I would have to say she was right they have tons of metal garden object from chairs to benches and fountains.  Some new mixed with the old and plants to tie it all together.
Here is a green garden chair that was being used as a plant holder I am sure only temporaily.  Just below that three galvanized buckets with flowers and moss a perfect combination.  I knew I was on to something on my previous blog with the bucket, see I told you so.
This rusty metal garden bench looking for a new owner.  These photos really only show a small portion of what she has including an indoor section with more home decor.  I have more photos but I thought this blog was going to drag on so you only get a teaser.  You have to check this place out if you are looking for garden decor and a serious garden addict.
So now I thought I was pretty much done for the day if fact my wife and I were looking for a coffee shop for the ride home and we stumbled on to this little shop called Skatter also in Santa Cruz.  The sign outside said Antiques so we decided to check it out.  The owner Kelly Odron was kind enough to show me around and she has alot crammed into a small space but beautifully decorated.  I was only able to snap a few photos (here above and below) due to the camera storage at capacity.  You get a sense of vintage with charm.  If you do make it out this one is a must check out as well.  Here is her Facebook she has more photos and more followers than me, hey howd she do that?

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