Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Junk

A few weeks ago I was asked to create a few things for the garden from a vendor friend of mine.  Lydia, who sells succulents out of my shop was doing a plant show in San Francisco and wanted me to make a few things for her display at the show.  I obliged and decided use "just junk" for my creations, it's the only thing I do really.  I couldn't find any inspiration on the Internet nor the countless magazines I own so I just started creating.  First I started with a piece of recycled redwood fencing and then a rusty whatever and it began to take form slowly.  I knew once I got started I wouldn't be able to stop, yes I lost track of time.  Here's what I came up with.  All of the items I created were found objects lying around the shop for past few months.  I encourage you to read this blog and take in all the pictures and be inspired by my ideas and create something on your own.  If you need some help stop by the shop and I will help you.  Enjoy. 

 A frame, siding from a Jacuzzi tub, rusty shovel, hardware and a funnel all things I love.  The plants and the back round provided for the shoot came from Lydia of course.
 Bakers pans and the wood from a greenhouse tear down.  Really you could plant anything in here.  My design is much better than the overseas stuff you find at the big ticket stores and with much more appeal.


Here is a funnel used with a piece of burl wood. Hang it on the wall and add your favorite plant.

 One of my favorites is this redwood gutter on wood.  A rarity to find redwood gutters these days.  Most have been replaced with metal so this piece is a little special.  This piece has other uses, for example mail storage on the wall or to store keys and phone when you walk in the door.


 Another funnel used, guess I have a thing for these.  This one I put on a piece of chippy wood with some other found objects.

A faux birdhouse used, it gives the piece some depth.  Right?

The final product.  I have a thing for numbers and letters so I added them for interest.


 An old sifter now houses a plant with other objects on a piece of Pickett fence.

Here's the final product.

Wood and metal with clay pot. 

 Here's a wooden shoe attached to a piece of redwood fencing.  I only had one of these so it just seemed right to use it after all I would never find a match.

 Fencing and a rusty bakers pan.  I used a metal drill bit to cut through the pan and used some screws to attach, all  were recycled screws to boot.

 I find these galvanized containers everywhere.  I think Trader Joe's sells them with plants in them.  The plants die off and they get tossed or donated.  I attached a couple to a fencing board along with a hand float just to the left (not shown).

Here is some rusty hardware and an attached watering can to piece of siding from an teardown greenhouse. 

All of these creations could be hung on a fence outdoors and then replaced with your favorite plant for the seasons.
Another piece I made using half a rusty bucket attached to an old cabinet door. I added the  chalkboard paint maybe it will help the plant grow faster, remember what they say talk to your plants.

 My last one using a window pane, chicken wire, vintage bottles and wire wrapped to hold them to the chicken wire.


Seriously you can create your own pieces using the same materials or ones of similar to these.  Let you creative energy flow and make your own one of kind piece.  Really folks it's not rocket science, think rust, wood, metal and something to hold a plant.  You can do it.  Cisco

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Beautiful

When I was approached by Realtor Scott Rasmussen to stage a home he was listing for sale I thought it was a joke at first.  He suggested that I bring in a few pieces from my shop "Restore & Rework" so the house wouldn't look so empty when clients came in to look at it.  I thought let me sleep on it but you know I couldn't sleep that night I was restless for whatever reason.  The next morning it hit me I wanted to do this and in a bad way, not in a bad bad way just a good bad way.  Finally an opportunity to show off my skills or lack thereof.  I emailed Scott and agreed to do it, we met at the property and I took some notes and it was off to the races.  I had 2 weeks.  I gathered all my magazines and glued myself to Pinterest every evening, you can check that out under Cisco Diaz in group "Stage" for my inspiration.  Really not knowing what to do or how to do it I did what I thought I would like to see.  Soon after I grabbed a bunch of stuff from the shop and purchased a few items just for the stage.    Although I couldn't photograph everything in this 1300 square foot 3 bed 2 bath home for the sake of overwhelming the reader (uh you) I did do my best to condense the hundreds of photos I took.  Here is a snap shot of my work.  99.9% of the items used in this stage came from salvage yards, thrift stores,  flea markets or were headed for the landfil .  Nothing used here in this home stage is new and is all considered second use in nature, one exception were the pillows I used on the bed (just being sanitary).

These pillows were made by a vendor who sells out of my shop along with the runner used in the dining room out of a piece of vintage drop cloth.  Her work is impeccable.  I laundered the cloth beforehand but it still had some water stains, perfect in my world. Thank you Lydia.


I love this photo.  The chair  you see here I painted then rubbed back to almost remove all the paint.  I wanted it to look as if it was painted a long time ago and then someone attempted to strip it with limited results.  The fabric is original and is water stained and the upholstery nails exposed. 
My favorite piece by far is this handcrafted table.  It has been repaired a few times over the years with bits and pieces.  The only piece original is the top and legs everything else was added with whatever was available at the time.  It is super solid.  The unintentional look is exactly what I wanted.

In the kitchen I added a few touches.

Chippy paint salt and pepper.



The color scheme is bland, it seemed easier to go that route just in case a piece didn't work in one room I could use it in another plus it would be easier for me to sell at my store.

In the office I created a desk using an old door and metal saw horses here's the top.  The room had the illusion of an office so I stayed with that theme.  I tried to go lighter tones on the large pieces in the room since the walls were all wood.  I needed a contrast to compliment the room.

Bookshelf made from an old ladder and redwood fencing.  Hundreds of storage options here.


Outside a rusty table and scantly painted wooden chairs.  The green grass was a bonus.
In the kitchen a table I made from recycled wood.  I brought in some coffee mugs, napkins and small plates.  The rusty piece of metal in the back is leaned on the wall, not sure what it original use was but here it hold towels.
Outside I organized a potting table.


I have had this cement head for many months now.  No one ever asks about but I love it after this stage is over it may have to come home with me with all the other misfits I have at my home.


Ok this photo says it all.  Just need a cup of Joe and friend.


In the dining room I covered these chairs with coffee burlap bags.
Every room has a one of these.  A peek of what's next.  You can't see it all but it leads you in to want more, I did this purposely.

Hard to find small ornate frames on a wall in the living room.

Dining room.
Guest bedroom.  Stump of wood, books, white pitcher and a stem of green how can you mess that up?


Master bedroom.
My prize piece.  This door was giving to me by Linda Bautista Jones.  I cleaned it up a little and removed a layer of wood that was peeling off and the screen.  I added this homemade sign of odds and ends.  Half a broken frame, hub cap, rusty hardware and the wood of a salvaged broken chair.  Don't you just LOVE it.

Again just a peek you want to see more as you wander around the corner.

The box used here is actually a vintage box that was falling apart.  I dismantled it and kept the best parts now it leans creating some interest.



On the mantle a rusty wheel I picked up at an antique market, the window at a salvage yard.  I think the guy who sold the wheel to me was glad to see it go and gave me the look like I was the only one who asked about it before it had rust.  Still it fits here.

Here is a snap shot of the living room the shade I used for the lamp came from my good friend Aileen.  Stained and falling apart but here it fits right in.

I hope you did enjoy every bit of this because I certainly did.  If I had to sum it all up with my own words I would say it is "Just Beautiful"  By the way this house is being shown as an Open House Saturday June 7th and 8th 2014 if you want to take a look 19171 Garrison Ave, Castro Valley, CA.   Thank you Scott for the opportunity.