Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Barn Reception

The young couple got a wedding of their dreams, married on the island of Hawaii.  For their guests back home however they wanted to plan a celebration and create a barn style wedding reception.  My goal was to make sure it was a special day for the bride and groom and their guests, and one to remember.  For me even more special as it was my very first attempt to help stage and create an event.  Not really knowing what I was doing or what I was getting myself into the reception eventually came together and we all created a most spectacular reception.  Here is a snapshot of the day.

A chalkboard used to set the mood for the guests.
Flowers soften the tables,
and lights to create the mood.


Boots for the gals, shorts for the guys.  A very casual event for the couple and their guests.
I brought in several pieces to set the stage for a perfect barn style wedding.
One cake for the cutting ceremony and these yummies were for the guests.  I had to try one and it was amazing.


Ladders were used to display the desserts.  Just perfect.
Stacks of hay for seating just outside.


Suitcase used to hold the bride and groom gifts.
My creation, made from wine barrel rings, a hanging lantern and thick vintage rope.  All were hung from the rafters to create a focal point above.

Almond orchards filled with almonds just outside the barn.  I used a few of the branches in galvanized buckets at the barn entrance.
Well wishes for the couple.


The couple.

Special thanks go out to the couple of course, Katie and Justin for allowing me to work with them, to Becky for meeting you at Paris Flea Market and allowing me convince you to help with the planning of the reception, and to Robyn for the use of your barn.  Also to my good friends Lori and Trashsista for all your help setting up and using some of your goods couldn't have done it without the both of you.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Vintage Wedding

The couple, yes deeply in love.  The photo says it all.  The first time they stepped foot into my shop "Restore & Rework" I could tell they didn't have a care in the world except that they would have each other.  They knew they had a date to get married and it was fast approaching.  With a ton of work still to do they had a need to create a vintage wedding and I obliged.  Glad I did, here is a snapshot of their day.  Loved working with both of them to prepare for this special occasion and I must say being my second wedding, I think I nailed it.

 At the park just after getting married, just lovely.  Of course I brought in a few things to help with the photo but really it is all them, they are just made for each other.

 While the guests and couple were at the wedding ceremony I prepared the reception a backyard vintage wedding reception with all the bells and whistles.  Sure there were some challenges but I thrived on all of them.  I designed my share of special touches just to their liking and used recycled and re purposed props for the occasion.

 Chalkboards made with old storage drawers and a water hose holder.

 Welcome guests, here is the itinerary for the day, enjoy.


Find your name and then look at the Domino for your table.  An original design by "Restore & Rework" using a oil pan an old ladder, glue and magnets.  It worked like a charm.

Ladders are so useful, a bare spot on the lawn now becomes a focal point.

As the guests arrived each table was designated with these numbers using recycled wood from a park bench.  Each table had it's own personality no two were the same, 16 tables in all I think the guests welcomed the display.

An idea created to accommodate photos of the couple.

Thank you deeply for the opportunity Matt and Leeanne I hope your day was as special as you expected it would be.  Cisco