Friday, June 29, 2012

Pop Up Shop and more....

 So I get this invite a few weeks back to attend a "Pop Up Shop" from Justjunk and Green House Supply and I am curious to find out what it is all about.  Since it was way out of my way (Campbell) I decided to make a day out of it.  My wife a little reluctant was the driver.  In this world of junking I am finding the most creative people do the the most creative things hence the creation of "Pop Up Shop".  Here is my definition of what I think it is two dealers wanted to do something fun and open a shop with their goods displayed and for sale at a residence in the backyard and side driveway for a few hours on a Friday.
This is the first thing you see when you walked in, I see a theme at this temporary shop.  Feels a little like 4th of July.  Red, white and blue everywhere.  Where are the sparklers?  This display caught my eye and I had to photo it for you.  Plenty to choose from books, letters, numbers, clocks and furniture my kind of place.
In addition to all the other treasures they had a discount table and I love discounts so of course I had to take a look.  This is where I found my best finds,vintage mail box fronts and the letter "E".  Now I can complete my daughters name in her room Danielle I was missing the "E".  It was a project I started a few years back with mismatch letters.  I'll have to photo it for you someday. 
 More of their great stuff metal file drawers (love metal) and old brushes.  I have had them before the old brushes that is and they look great in an empty mason jar or on top of vintage book just by themselves.  Bingo cards to the right seem to be a popular item although I can never find them.  Actually once at a flea market I did find them but someone beat me to the punch won't mention any names, Lonae. 
 I know this photo isn't very clear however the green stuff is moss (I believe) growing out of a planter.  They used it as a display for the jewelry they were selling.  I like the idea, if the piece doesn't sell it gets grown over and back to the earth it goes.  Of course I am kidding I thought it was a great idea.  I should have zoomed in but with my camera it just gets fuzzy so here is the best shot.  Thank you Donna for the invite and my new finds, looking forward to your next Pop Up Shop. 
 My next stop was just over the hill on Highway 17.  Well not just over the hill since we got caught in traffic on a Friday eve.  Still it was worth the effort even though my wife keep looking over at me.  The place called Saffron and Genevieve Home is a place for everything unique.  The owner Scarlett Fiona Reed was a dear to allow me to photo some of her great finds.  She specializes in found objects and interior design.  I could really use her help on my own place after walking through her treasures trove.   
 I mean look at this display right behind the counter.  It was amazing all of the pieces carefully placed just like a vintage collage only this is the real deal.  I see nature and vintage as the theme here.  After reading the home page of her website I can tell that Scarlett really does travel the country to find these great pieces I mean she has to, look at all these great finds.
So I know what you are thinking, out of a magazine right?  Wrong, I took this photo in her shop and it just resins with character.  The books a staple and the vintage trophies, hey I have some of these in my shop but no one ever asks about them.  I knew they could look good and here is a great example.  The hive or nest just to the right adds the perfect natural element.  The dresser not painted just love it. 
Scarlett also sells jewelry, what impressed me about the pieces was actually how it is displayed with her vintage finds.  Books, vintage jars, in an open suitcase just perfect.  Now if I did wear jewelry which I currently don't this may pursuad me to.  These photos are just a sampling of her inventory as she has so much more.  I wanted to photograph the whole shop for you but I didn't want to overstep my bounds.  If you are in the area this shop is a must check out tell her that I sent you.
Ok so my next stop was at a place called Arbor Antique and Garden shop in Santa Cruz.  I heard of this place through a vendor I purchased from at The Point in Alameda.  She told me that I should check this place out if I was into garden elements and structures and visiting Santa Cruz.  So I was and I did and here I am.  I would have to say she was right they have tons of metal garden object from chairs to benches and fountains.  Some new mixed with the old and plants to tie it all together.
Here is a green garden chair that was being used as a plant holder I am sure only temporaily.  Just below that three galvanized buckets with flowers and moss a perfect combination.  I knew I was on to something on my previous blog with the bucket, see I told you so.
This rusty metal garden bench looking for a new owner.  These photos really only show a small portion of what she has including an indoor section with more home decor.  I have more photos but I thought this blog was going to drag on so you only get a teaser.  You have to check this place out if you are looking for garden decor and a serious garden addict.
So now I thought I was pretty much done for the day if fact my wife and I were looking for a coffee shop for the ride home and we stumbled on to this little shop called Skatter also in Santa Cruz.  The sign outside said Antiques so we decided to check it out.  The owner Kelly Odron was kind enough to show me around and she has alot crammed into a small space but beautifully decorated.  I was only able to snap a few photos (here above and below) due to the camera storage at capacity.  You get a sense of vintage with charm.  If you do make it out this one is a must check out as well.  Here is her Facebook she has more photos and more followers than me, hey howd she do that?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Planted Junk

 So this morning I was thinking about taking the day off since I just had my Open Studio on Saturday and then drove out to the Sacramento Antique show on Sunday and sold my goods in the heat all day.  I made a little money so I thought just relax today Monday.  It's not in my blood, to relax that is.  I got a call from a friend (thanks Natalie) and we talked about some of the pieces that have been sitting at the shop and not moving.  She had mentioned to me that I should show what could be done with them.  I figured why not I had already picked up the house, and yes I do housework.  I went to my shop and gathered a pile here it is. 

 I had heard about this nursery in Livermore called Alden Lane Nursery and wanted to check it out so it seemed like the perfect opportunity on my day off.  So here is my cart loaded with my items of course I had a few other planters that had some real cool dead plants in them but I figured why not recycle the remains and bring them along for the ride.  Awesome cart right?  I could use one of these on my shopping adventures, I know late at night slip in and borrow it, right?  They have security gates everywhere no chance. 
 This is Cyndee, not Cindy.   She was gracious enough to give me the red carpet of the place and even some back secret areas or at least I think they were secret.  Ok maybe she gives everyone the tour.  Still very knowledgeable and sure can talk, a good thing in the gardening world.  You can never have enough info and she was loaded with it.  Thank you Cyndee you made me feel like I was the only customer that day.  I will return.  Impeccable service.
 Ok so the place has plenty of shade due to these very old trees.  As I understand it they are Oak trees.  Some have fallen but still remain a great source of shade for the shade plants they sell.  Wish I had a blanket maybe to catch in a nap, really they were so magical like being in some far off Italian Oak Farm if there is such a place.  Do Oaks grow in Italy?  Hmmm next time I will ask Cyndee, not Cindy. 
 They have scattered throughout these teaser planted junk pieces.  Now you can see why I went there in the first place.  You just go to pick up a few plants and get inspired by these pieces that were created to show you what can be done by using second hand items.  I am really liking this place now.   
 In this photo I am looking out at the many plants to chose from and trust me on this one they have so many.  You really can get lost in it all.  I heard one customer say that she had been there for 2 hours and wasn't done looking.  I told her I understood her concern and was about to fall into the same deep sleep of plants and flowers and trees.  I wanted to ask Cyndee this question but didn't have the guts.  Do you think they would let me bring my family in for a picnic and invite a few friends and just hang out.  I promise I will clean up my mess.
 Now I have seen everything.  Guess what this is?  I know it's not a very good photo (I tried).  This is a birds nest and yes those are little baby birds nested right in the middle of the 5 gallon rows of berry plants.  5 little guys just minding there own business taking in a nap, see they have the right idea.  This nest is literally smack dab in the middle of the nursery table with about 100 five gallon berry plants.  Not sure what the mother was thinking I hope they survive something tells me they will they now have many other mothers at Alden Lane Nursery. 
 Look at these boxes they look like normal boxes they were in the back section of the nursery.  Quite harmless right?
 Get a closer look bees, yikes!  Hope they aren't killer bees.  No I am sure they are not I got a closer look to get this shot and they didn't even know I was there.  It's like I was invisible.  Still I only looked for a brief moment you know to let them do their thing, making honey.  Yes they sell the honey as well.  Local honey I hear is good for allergies so they say.  These bees are an important part of the Eco system so next time you see one just leave it alone and it will do the same to you.
 I know you think I am getting carried away with these shots but they also have chickens in the back area.  They have kids come in and learn about growing vegetables and the chickens are there to give the full effect.  Kids and animals they seem to relate and I am sure there is a story they tell to the kids about the chickens.  Not for eating these guys I am told, too bad they look healthy, kidding.
 This is the resident dog.  Forgot his/her name.  He was hanging out in the gift store just kickn it.  He's very smart he knows where it stays cool.  Maybe I will join him.  I wanted to lay next to him but too many customers to even try next time I will wait until right before closing and see how cool it really is.
 So I told you about the Oak Trees earlier.  They also have Walnut trees as well.  Apparently on the property they have quite a few.  I guess someone figured they should harvest them for some extra dough.  Here is the Walnut cleaner, sorter machine thingamajig.  I should have stayed in school I am sure it has a name.  Maybe one of my 21 followers knows.  Speaking of followers I have added 2 more since my last post.
 These are the original owner's of the place back in 1955, Ruth and Jack Williams, god I hope I am getting this all right.  I am a horrible at research.  I believe their daughter took over the place in 1985 her name is Jacqueline Williams Courtright.  I don't want to give out too much info on the history as I am sure to make some type of mistake.
 Now to the good stuff here are some of the garden elements they sell.  This is just a sampling, this is just the bird table, they have a bunny table, snail table, and so on.  If you are looking for it I am sure they will have it.
 Did anyone say pots.  I mean look at this, way too many to count.  All shapes and sizes.  Amazing.
 Ok and plants for every type of garden you can imagine.  I would have shown you more but I think you get the picture. 
 This display caught my eye.  It's a two sided window box with a faux window window in the middle.  I hope they used recycled wood, I am sure they did.  Cyndee told me they recycle most of what they get and throw little away.  Trust me I have seen the back and they also have a wood shop or creation center.  That gives me an idea on the window.  I feel a project coming on. 
 Yes the photos you have all been waiting to see.  Here is one of the pieces I brought with me to the nursery.  It's an old wooden drawer.  I filled it with shade plants and now look at it.  It is oozing with life, if you look real hard you can still see the pull handle.  This drawer is now re purposed into a planter.  Don't you think it is much better than a boring drawer and now replaces the clay pot. 
 This arrangement is was also created by me an old tool box still functional as a tool box but now even better as a planter.  Just look at it, come on look again.  I am surprised that no one wanted this metal box.  Now I want to keep it.  I wish I could but I have to sell it so it can be yours.  I am taking this one with me over the weekend to one of my shows.  Let's see if it survives the day in my spot.  Maybe someone will like it as much as I.
 Another great piece.  I thought since this one has cubbies just leave it alone with a plant or two and fill it with garden gloves and garden tools.  Once I got started on this one I couldn't stop, I had to fill it now look at it also another piece that can be yours. 
 This galvanized bucket was also a loner in my store by it self most of day waiting for someone to buy it.  Now it has some friends to help grow.  Isn't it amazing what a few plants can do to bring out a recycled piece.
This is the last one of the misfits as I like to call them.  Just a rusty tool box for storage, wrong.  it can also be used to hold plants and this one has shade lovers.  It just pops now.  Ok so this one will stay with me.  Please don't let me kill the plants.  Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just another day

A typical day for me, load up the SUV and try and sell some goods.  On this Wednesday I decided to ask a friend to help me load up so I could set up my space at a consignment shop I sell out of.   Some of you already know I do this others may not.  I sell my junk (I mean treasures) out of a consignment shop in Walnut Creek.  It gives me another place to move my inventory around, and keep my goods fresh.  Seriously I think it just gives me another reason to shop for more things.  For whatever it's worth it helps pays the bills and with a wife and two kids in high school making money in a vintage market every little bit helps.  Thanks to Natalie Thompson for helping me tag and load couldn't have done it without you, well actually could have but it would have taken me a lot longer. 
 Ok so here is the place I set up at it's Room With a Past a very successful shop they open just 4 days a month.  They have it all.  Customers, customers and more customers.  What more can you ask for.  The other cosigners that work there are so friendly it's really kind of scary.  Kind of like the Stepford wife's but way better.  They are all so helpful with each other and dynamite with the customers.  Oh and the best part they serve coffee and cookies.  As a cosigner you are not suppose to eat the sweets but I sneak a few each hour I work my shift.  I mean you have to make sure they are not poisonous, right?  For the customers sake.   
 Ok so here is my spot, I cannot take the credit for the setup, that belongs to Natalie, oh and thanks Natalie.  She has a great eye for display, I usually just cram it in.  She made sure there was some conformity and balance.  Colors with colors, height, and drawing your eyes to the center.  Amazing I learned something today.  Wonder what she's doing next month?   
 Ok so now to the fun part, we were on our way back after the set up and I asked Natalie if she would accompany me to another shop I have sold some goods to in the past.  The place is called Farmyard Darlings and is out of Lafayette, CA or was it Texas, hhhmmm.  I didn't really know what to expect but was truly amazed with their goods and how they display them.  The owners Carole Sinclair and Kim Berry are high energy gals who know how to shop and based on these photos are on the forefront of this business.  You can tell they are drawn to everything horse, ranch and farming hence the name Farmyard Darlings.  Still trying to figure out where the darlings came from?  Kidding they are the sweetest gals.  
 A style all it's own I mean look at this the horns in a wooden trowel.  I could see this in my place, well I would have to sneak them in first, then hope my wife doesn't notice them, maybe while she is sleeping she'll never know. 
 Ok so this is my best photo of their place.  You can see it just all works together seamlessly.  The farm pictures in the background, and the round sculpture made out of wine barrel rings.  They had everything cow hide, burlap pillows and wire baskets, milk jugs and mason jars, I mean I could go on and on.  Wait let me mention one last thing the lights (stealing that idea for my shop).
 Ok so after looking inside and trust me there is way more than the photos suggest I wandered outside for a peak.  Look what I found a table and benches and this travel trunk and a cow hide table cloth with the dishes and the horn's again (calling my name).  After looking at this I fantasized about friends in the backyard drinking wine and talking about whatever people talk about when they are drinking and how much fun it would be.  This place is dangerous.  I mean living out your dreams, buying what makes you happy.  Is it really that easy.
 So back to reality.  The Darlings are nestled into a another shop of plants and flowers it's called Mt. Diablo Nursery & Garden.  Look at the beauty I mean why would you want to leave this place.  Doesn't seem like work when you can look out your door and see this landscape.  I never asked but everything is for sale I am sure of it.  I do know they also advice people on landscaping and have a professional designer (the owner) I did ask about that. 
 Ok so here is another shot.  It just looks so good, could spend some serious dough here but not today.  I think I will return after I get my check from the sale earlier in the day.  I know control, right?
So if you are ever in Lafayette you need to check this place out.  They take plastic so go wild and live out your dreams.  Just another day or is it?  Cisco