Monday, July 14, 2014

I love what I do.

 When I was asked by a friend and fellow junker to help redo her living space I accepted.  Val (aka Trashsista) shares this space with her hubby and daughter.  The room she needed help with is a combo dining area/office/ lounge area all in one so we had many obstacles.   There was another kicker.  It was to be a surprise for her husband and daughter as they were out of town visiting family.  So as I write this blog they are headed back home now and tomorrow we will both find out if they either really love it or absolutely hate it.  Fingers crossed on this one.
 We both managed to pull several pieces from her own inventory of junk she had in different areas of the home.  This piece for example was a find in the garage.  This medical table Green and rusty and just perfect for the spot. 

 The sign her name a spur of the moment purchase but here it just fits perfectly.  Secretly I think she has wanted to hang this somewhere in the home, just needed an excuse.

 Looking up.

 These plates were from a car she drove in England brought back to the US.  They serve as a memory of good times abroad.

 The chair was already in the room but stashed to the side of the room.  I wanted to bring it out and give it main stage.  The lines and construction solid it needed to stay so we put it near the window under the plates.

 Better angle of the space with Trashsista.

 Here was another piece we pulled from the garage. A work table now being used as a side table to store reading materials and collectibles from the husbands past.  It had great patina and it was just screaming to come inside the home.

 These balls are used and no they are not stress balls.  They are pool balls, the dining table actually converts to a pool table and gets used when friends and family stop by.  The top of the table removes and underneath is the hidden gem.  What a bonus.  I brought the balls out for several reasons.  Color and they looked too good to be hidden in a box.

 The whole idea started with the lighting which Pete (hubby) picked out, we installed three of them to add some needed lighting in the room.  From there we chose a color for the walls and then it just began to take form.  Guess I should have shut off the lights before I took the photo.  The ceiling was painted the same color as the walls.

This is one of my favorite shots, not sure why just is.  The picture Seacliff has some meaning to the family but for the life of me I have forgotten, too many paint fumes, thinking.

 We stacked some travel luggage for extra storage here in the office area.  She already had two of them and I brought one in from the shop to give the office a little privacy.  It works here, hides the components and wires with a bonus, storage.

 This piece an old locker was previously owned by a dear family friend.  There is sentimental value to the piece, great patina and now all the books they own have a place to be stored.   We got rid of the open bookshelves and added the locker to fulfill the same need. 


 Looking out from the office area.

 Here is the dining table that converts to a pool table.

 Another angle, the pictures on the wall one painted by a dear friend of the family and the other a family member, both have meaning to the occupants.  I thought it would be best to bring in some stored pieces out in the open for all to see.  It just feels good.

 From the dining area looking to the office.

A seating area created to rest the weary feet.  A good place to read a book and reflect on the day.


 We used a crock to hold the pool cues and just above to the right a wooden pool score board, below right a single seat pew.


 This too.

 We decided to use an old church pew she had stored in the back yard for the table seating.  It can accomodate several guests and the bonus it just looks awesome.  This is by far my favorite piece of the entire room.

 Just ahead we used an oil pan to create a photo board with family photos both from recent and from the past.  We used magnets to adhere them.

Another angle.


 Don't you just want to move right in.


 The picutres on the wall were the instructional manual and the original purchase agreement of the pool table/dining table.  We framed them and then hung them to bring the room together.

As I go to bed thinking of what the reaction will be I am hoping that all of the occupants of the home will love it as much as I did creating it.  Thank you Val for allowing me to help you and for all your input on every level.  We both put in a ton of time and energy to put this space together.  Can't wait to tackle another room when you are ready.  Cisco

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Junk

A few weeks ago I was asked to create a few things for the garden from a vendor friend of mine.  Lydia, who sells succulents out of my shop was doing a plant show in San Francisco and wanted me to make a few things for her display at the show.  I obliged and decided use "just junk" for my creations, it's the only thing I do really.  I couldn't find any inspiration on the Internet nor the countless magazines I own so I just started creating.  First I started with a piece of recycled redwood fencing and then a rusty whatever and it began to take form slowly.  I knew once I got started I wouldn't be able to stop, yes I lost track of time.  Here's what I came up with.  All of the items I created were found objects lying around the shop for past few months.  I encourage you to read this blog and take in all the pictures and be inspired by my ideas and create something on your own.  If you need some help stop by the shop and I will help you.  Enjoy. 

 A frame, siding from a Jacuzzi tub, rusty shovel, hardware and a funnel all things I love.  The plants and the back round provided for the shoot came from Lydia of course.
 Bakers pans and the wood from a greenhouse tear down.  Really you could plant anything in here.  My design is much better than the overseas stuff you find at the big ticket stores and with much more appeal.


Here is a funnel used with a piece of burl wood. Hang it on the wall and add your favorite plant.

 One of my favorites is this redwood gutter on wood.  A rarity to find redwood gutters these days.  Most have been replaced with metal so this piece is a little special.  This piece has other uses, for example mail storage on the wall or to store keys and phone when you walk in the door.


 Another funnel used, guess I have a thing for these.  This one I put on a piece of chippy wood with some other found objects.

A faux birdhouse used, it gives the piece some depth.  Right?

The final product.  I have a thing for numbers and letters so I added them for interest.


 An old sifter now houses a plant with other objects on a piece of Pickett fence.

Here's the final product.

Wood and metal with clay pot. 

 Here's a wooden shoe attached to a piece of redwood fencing.  I only had one of these so it just seemed right to use it after all I would never find a match.

 Fencing and a rusty bakers pan.  I used a metal drill bit to cut through the pan and used some screws to attach, all  were recycled screws to boot.

 I find these galvanized containers everywhere.  I think Trader Joe's sells them with plants in them.  The plants die off and they get tossed or donated.  I attached a couple to a fencing board along with a hand float just to the left (not shown).

Here is some rusty hardware and an attached watering can to piece of siding from an teardown greenhouse. 

All of these creations could be hung on a fence outdoors and then replaced with your favorite plant for the seasons.
Another piece I made using half a rusty bucket attached to an old cabinet door. I added the  chalkboard paint maybe it will help the plant grow faster, remember what they say talk to your plants.

 My last one using a window pane, chicken wire, vintage bottles and wire wrapped to hold them to the chicken wire.


Seriously you can create your own pieces using the same materials or ones of similar to these.  Let you creative energy flow and make your own one of kind piece.  Really folks it's not rocket science, think rust, wood, metal and something to hold a plant.  You can do it.  Cisco