Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Vintage Faire

 I can't believe it my 4th show is already here, my monthly vintage show that is.  It is a great deal of work to put one of these together and for those of you who have not had a chance to make it out to one of my faire's I wanted to give you a tease of what you will be missing.  The letter drawer above was a great find in fact I have several of these right now and priced at $40.  I can imagine the uses of these drawers to organize small items, jewelry or to display ones keepsakes.  Maybe a photo or small piece to remember an event or time or place.  The wood has just the right aged look.  Love'm.   
 This cubby I found at the Sacramento Antique Fair.  I believe it's original use was inside the employee lounge of some business.  When I bought it the names were still attached.  Although it is very large it works in my shop to display my small items.  Could be used in ones home to do the same and keep things at reach.  Still I think another shop owner would love to have a piece like this to do the same as I have.  Quite heavy but with the right hardware can attach to the wall which I have done.  Love all of the little items I was able to fill it in with.
 The bookshelf pictured here I purchased to help me display some of my items but of course like everything in my store is for sale.  I am not painting this one.  It looks great just by itself naturally distressed and chippy.  It appears to have been be part of a cabinet of some sort.  Still for the right home would look great with some vintage books and rusty pieces or your favorite cook books. 
 Attached to the wall on this photo is an old British bus sign.  I am sure it has seen some better days but still looks great with the black background and cream lettering.  It is printed on canvas and is pretty sturdy for it's age.  I have seen these in Restoration Hardware magazines in the past framed but not original.  This my friends is the original piece used on the bus and priced well below what theirs costs.  Come check it out I have 3 of them right now for the taking. 
 Here is my painted furniture section.  I am working with a new paint this time, a grey that Della Wilson turned me on to.  I have waxed it with dark wax for the aged look, don't they look great.  It is hard to find two ends that match so these will be priced accordingly but in no means out of reach.  I don't like to hold on to pieces for very long so I will expect they will sell quite quickly. 
 This pile of treasures has yet to be organized.  Green box with handle, vintage box with wood and metal another hard to find piece.  Either it's all wood or all metal but both is a real treat.  A metal ornate frame missing the mirror but has tons of detail.  I bought it to attach a mirror but I don't think it needs it.  Has great detail and just right patina.  The spools in the back are old wire spools but I just love rust so here they are.  Just great to look at side by side the small and the large.
These little drawer organizers were purchased at a flea market.  One I painted the other I did not.  Let's see which one moves first.  Bet I can guess.  This would make a great jewelry box or can be used to organize small items, sewing wares or on a desk to organize supplies.  My show opens this Saturday from 9-6 at Restore & Rework.  Address is 2572 San Carlos, Castro Valley.  Please join me if you can.  Hope to see you there.

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