Sunday, July 24, 2011

 I was out garage saleing today (Saturday).  Is that a word (saleing), probably not?  I figured I had a few hours to kill and I needed a break from painting this morning so I ventured out.  There were a ton of garage sales today not sure why.  Anyways here are some of my finds for today.  Vintage bottles boy do they need cleaning, cloche actually was from a clock but I left the clock behind, small vintage books and a flower frog, and wooden finials.
 This piece not sure what it was and really not sure why I bought it but it has great appeal.  I was thinking after I purchased it it would look great with a plant, one that falls over the side.  Or it could be used out in the garden to store garden tools and gloves.  I don't think it is old but it sure looks like it is so I bought it.  The faucet that is attached to it is vintage and rusty.   
 It seems like I hit the jackpot again and found more pint size Mason jars.  These ones are old.  Sometimes I run into the jars in bunches, then a dry spell and I can't find any.  Just got lucky, I guess.  The box is an old whisky box and still sturdy after all these years.  Great for storage or simply put some of your favorite plants in it.  It will look great on top of a table, box and plants.  To the left I found 2 vintage bank bags, for money I am guessing.
 Here is a closeup.
 Ditto, couldn't figure out how to delete this duplicate photo so here it is again.  Magic.
 These little black books needed to come home with me.  They were falling apart, old and beat up.  I think they look great though, the flower frog another find needs a vintage photo and these items could be sitting on ones dresser or on a side table.  I can never keep enough of these small books in my booth when I sell.  They move pretty quickly.
 I found some wire baskets, a shelf (it was still in the wrapping).  I put it together for the photo and it will get painted a dark brown and then white.  With a little sanding at the edges it will look great in any room.
Finally this desk.  Small and functional it may have seen better days.  I am thinking about tearing it apart and re purposing it.  I will show you in a future blog what will happen to this desk.  You will be surprised.  I also found a metal fishing box.  Still had the gear in it.  It will need cleaning but after can be used to store just about anything.  Photos, garden tools, office supplies just to name a few ideas.  Until next time.


  1. Some great finds Cisco! Glad you started a blog - good job with it so far! To delete a picture, click on it and then hit 'remove' from the blue menu that comes up on blogger! I'm still learning as well! Hope you did well at Room with a Past!

  2. Those money bags are very cool! I wonder what year they’re from. The typography looks faded, but not so much that they can’t be read anymore. I don’t remember what year the bank those belonged to and shortened its name to the one it’s using now, but that could be a clue to how old these are. I’m sure a museum would totally love those bank bags!

    Harriett Faulks