Friday, July 22, 2011

 What a day it was yesterday so many treasures.  I spent the day searching through loads of stuff to come up with the following items like the galvanized watering can, it had the rose, most don't so I had to get it.  The tilting mirror with drawer another great find needs a fresh coat of paint and the glass door shelf great for storing small items or collectibles but also will get a fresh coat of paint.
 These other pieces were also waiting to be found.  Some will need some paint and some minor restoring and cleaning but overall minimal work and ready for sale at my next show.
 I was fortunately to find these pint size Mason Jars and 15 of them.  I have some zinc lids that would look great and maybe a few spools or a vintage picture inside.  Still functional as Mason jars however I think they look better when displayed or simply put a tea light in one as a candle holder.  They look great at night, don't forget to add some sand and the bottom.  The results will be magical at night.
 Love these little jars I think they might be vintage apothecary jars.  They could be reproductions not sure how to tell.  Maybe one of you can let me know.  Still they look great as a set for display or to store your small items.  Label them with some vintage stickers and you are good to go.  Would look great in the bathroom on a wooden shelf from RestoreandRework.
 After I purchase these little guys I thought they were a matching set but when I got home they were not.  Still for that special spot by themselves they will look great.  They are vintage in nature and all wood, finally.  No pressed wood here.  Going to paint them and I think they will look great.  Lots of detail in the wood.  Hey maybe a few of my jars above on one of these shelves.  I think I'll try it.
Lastly these vintage spice jars.  Only 5 to be had, still there was something about them that I could not resist.  I know there should be more of them but who cares.  They are brushed steel I think and with plastic tops.  I would use them for storage maybe for change, safety pins, office clutter, really anything small.  Thanks for reading.

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