Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Linda's Garden

 About a week ago I was approached by one of my customers Linda to come out and visit her home to see what she had done with some of the pieces she had purchase at my store Restore & Rework in Castro Valley.  To my amazement I was floored by all of the ways the pieces were used to accent the garden.  As I walked around each step I took I was careful not to miss a thing.  Her use of rusty, chippy and second use items was and should be recognized and published so I decided to do it.  I never asked but she did not find the metal letters at my store still they get you in the mood and a preview of what is in store.
 Linda creatively used this old garden rake to store some of her treasured garden tools.  Guessing that these guys are for display only and have seen better days but still give you the impression that they are ready to work if needed at any given moment.  I have seen other uses for these rakes including holding up wine glasses and for a jewelry display but I think I like this use the best.
 The spiral plant holder was purchased at my store in fact I think if my memory serves me right it was the first piece Linda bought at my store.  I figured she would have used it in the garden but I guess I was wrong.  It has great patina and an awesome shape, it fits in well in her home with her collectibles displayed here in the corner.  Would have never thought to do that so Linda you are even more creative that I.  Keep it up.
 So I must take some credit for this piece.  I did a blog on it when I built it and trust when I say it was not easy to make.  But looking at it here it looks wonderful.  A great addition to her dining area.  When I photoed it I felt like it was meant to be here in her home.  It flows well with her decor and she knows how to bring it all together in her home.
 I love this idea.  A rusty twin mattress used to display her license plate collection.  It is just another great use of second use.  And now the plate pop out as though they are suspended in air.  I might have to steal this idea for my shop.  Now where to find license plates?
 Here is a picture of Linda, she didn't want her picture taken but I did it anyways.  She is an amazing woman and has a great eye for seeing other uses for things.  It is a gift I know.  I asked her how she goes about finding her treasures and she said to me that she never knows what she is looking for it just appears and then she creates when she gets home.  I have told her she needs to blog about her work and maybe someday she will.  Hopefully this blog will encourage her to take the next step.
 Great use of drawers.  I believe it was an old wooden filing cabinet.  Now it holds her succulents in check.  The plants seem to love their new home, I would if I were them.  This is displayed under her potting bench.
 Now I have seen it all.  Guessing this was an old metal mop bucket ringer.  Holding the plants with built in drainage.  Just don't pull the handle on this it has begun to live its second life.
 Never asked Linda about this one but this window box was attached to her storage shed and she added plants of course and these little tea plates to give it some interest.  Guessing when she breaks a plate inside her kitchen she can come outside and grab one and no one would ever know.  Kidding I wouldn't want to break up this display.
 A rusty watering can now needs to be watered itself.  I have sold many of these in the past but this one looks like it was meant to hold plants and not be a water source.
 This old mailbox purchase from Restore & Rework was a great find of Linda's.  I had a feeling when I found it she would be the one to get it.  I actually had considered keeping it for myself but while I was deciding I put it out in the shop.  It last long, a day or two and Linda found it.  Look at it now, a great planter.
 This is where Linda washes her hands after gardening in the backyard.  Ya right.  Was a sink now a planter with rust.  It elevates in an area in her garden that needed some height and she chose the right spot for it.  Just about is a mirror which I photoed but thought this shot looked better.
 An use for this mailbox is to store her working garden tools and guess what they never get lost.  You know where they are at all times and keep out the spiders to boot.  I sell these at the store as well.
 Chicken wire and an old window pane to display Linda's kitchen wares.  This was taken inside her home just off the kitchen.  Look at how it holds everything together but gives it an organized look.  I think she also put an curtain just above to give it the look. 
 I just love how this combo of plants are put together.  Something about purple and yellow and green.  I have used this combination many times over.  I want to take this home with me. 
 A tool caddy or trowel as they call is now housing plants and garden tools.  It sits on the floor under the patio, I think.  I have lost track of where all of these pieces were place since there was so much to see in her garden.
 A rusty bike and rusty garden tools hang out here.  The baskets in the bike now hold plants and just beyond a birdhouse (not one of mine) and garden tools stacked just beyond.  I get the feeling that this garden is somewhere in the country not near my own home.  So many pieces to look at and so much inspiration.
I saved the best for last this little Scotts vintage seeder.  It is embedded in the green moss.  It looks like it has always been here, maybe it was.  Either way just fitting for her garden.  Linda my sincere thanks to you and the invitation to check out your amazing garden.  Your use of all the great finds in your garden has inspired me and hopefully will inspired others.  Keep it up you have a true eye for it.  Cisco

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