Monday, April 28, 2014

My Day Off

 I get one day off a week to do whatever I choose to do.  Play golf?  Watch TV?  Do yard work?  None of the above.  I decided to go look for more goods or simply put find more junk.  Luckily I was emailed by a friend of mine Aileen over the weekend she planted the seed.  Aileen is getting out of the business of junk and trying to clear out her storage.  I obliged and figured, I could use some more stuff, right?  So out to Walnut Creek I drove to Public Storage.


 Here's how she rolls.  Organized and boxed.  Not used to this but hey you never know what you could find I mean after all she shops in better neighborhoods than I do.
It didn't take long.  I found a few things and her prices were very easy on the wallet.  A win win and I could make a few bucks and she cleans out her space.  Some hat forms, lamp shades, a ceiling tin, frames and bag of shredded paper (what was I thinking?).

Here's a close up.  Now your salivating, right?  Kidding really.  Some great finds.  Thanks Aileen worth the drive.

Since I was already out and about figured why not make a day of it and next visited my favorite salvage yard in the East Bay.  They have all kinds of stuff here and the creativity just explodes whenever I stop in.  This is the wood section.  I mean really there is way too much.  Right?
 They have more stuff like metal.  My favorite section but I try and stay away from this section since the pricing is on the high end but sometimes you get lucky.  Ask anyways I always do, nothing is priced.  Funny if you ask three different people you will get three different prices.  You have to know who to ask, for the best price, I do.

 Here's the catch.  Small ladder, fish tank (love), plant stand and a burl with a stick in it.  Not sure who, what, why on the burl stick.

 As I was walking out picked up a few more items.

 A chippy door.

 A few windows.

And this.  If anyone can tell me what this is.  Not sure why I bought it, maybe the shape, handmade not sure maybe I was hungry and it was shaped like a donut?

I was hungry so I had a quick lunch and decided to check out a thrift store on my way back home.  Here's what I found sometimes you just get lucky.  All of these will need some TLC but it's what I do.  Of course with Danielle's help, lucky me.

Back to shop in Castro Valley to unload my goods and look what greets me at the front door.  It happens, furniture just shows up.  Rarely do I ever find out who leaves it but I do appreciate it.  Thank you to whoever dropped this piece off.  I can do something with this. 

Anyways while unloading I ran into Michele Markovich, she runs a local estate sale company.  She saw me unloading my stuff and invited me to preview her estate sale later in the day what are the chances?  I obliged.  She previews at 3pm.  Time for a quick trip home for some coffee and sweets and see if Danielle and my wife want to join me for the ride.  They agree.  Here is where the estate sale is.  Happens to be in Castro Valley even better.

After greeting Michele I jet for the garage.  Ya lots to see but I need to stay focused on goods that I can sell and repurpose.  I ended up finding a load of stuff here, in the garage, outside in the storage and inside the house. 

See that table.  It belongs to me now.  All wood, hand built, I can appreciate that.  It just called my name, really.

 This mirror from a vanity, had to have it.

 Large blue glass bottle, love.

 Rusty table.  Wouldn't have bought it if the rust wasn't there.

 More stuff.  Enamelware, soil sifter and oil pan.

 You get the picture.  I just keep finding it.

 Metal chair, grey and solid.

These four children's chairs.  Not painting them no need to.  Back home to clean my goods and write this blog.  Come to the shop and see it all.  All in all a great day off.  Tired.  Sleepy.  Good night.


  1. looks good bro,post pictures when your wife also collects/hoards old stuff also

  2. Love the old door. I need to stop by and buy!