Monday, July 15, 2013

Dumpster Dive

 So it is official, my first dumpster dive.  I had heard all about this from my other junker friends but I didn't think I would ever do it myself.  I usually find my goods while out and about at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales or from thrift stores.  I never thought I would resort to this this but I knew it would eventually happen.  Just looking at myself after my daughter took the photo I think maybe I need to get back to the gym sometime soon.  Yikes.
 The dumpster in question actually sits in back of my store so I didn't feel any hesitation to do so.  The piece I was looking to pull out of here was going to make it to the landfill anyways so I felt I was doing something good for the environment.  A good thing right?  Yeah save the earth.
 Here is what I was looking at.  Can you see it.  Ya the picture doesn't do this justice but it was a broker mirror.  The frame was all wood and still had some life left in it, guessing it was used for a dresser or something like that.  It still had the attachment wood on it and the price tag to boot.  Wish I could have saved the mirror but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  I did however salvage the frame however it was a little wobbly. 
 The mirror or better yet the frame which I wanted was not so together and it was barely holding together with some masking tape and a few nails.  I knew once I got it out of the dumpster I would have a better idea of what I could do with it.  I am hoping someone will appreciate this piece even more after I add my magic to this neglected piece.
 I grabbed the glue to mend the piece back together and allowed it to dry overnight.  I used wood glue for this project.  The glue has saved many pieces I have sold in the past.  It is amazing what can be glued back together and how glue can give a piece some needed stability.
 I had these wooden carved thingamagiger (I know someone knows what this is called) I had purchased at a flea market.  I bought a whole bag of them and have used them in the past to spice up a piece when it needs a little "Bamb".  Ok  I stole that line but it was all I could come up with in an effort to write this piece in a timely manner.  I ended up gluing this wooden carved piece on and nailed it on as well to the top of the frame, I thought it needed something more and it did.
 I did add a shelf to the bottom of the piece and then painted it white, my go to color for any piece I want to sell quickly.  Guess I could have done it in any color at this point but honestly everything looks better in white and it gave the piece a newness which is what I wanted.  It is starting to look like something Worthy of selling, me thinks.
 So of course I had to distress it a little.  I broke out the sandpaper and got to work on the piece paying special attention to all the corners and edges.  I am liking how it is coming out so far.  Guess I could have skipped this process but given the darker color of the wood underneath I thought it would give the piece a better look.
 Chalkboard, I have sheets of it in the shop, why you ask?  Glad you asked.   I sells tons of the stuff and put on anything that will allow me to.  I buy the sheets at Home Depot and buy the paint and do my own.  I keep them in the shop and when I need one I cut it to size and get it attached to whatever I am working on.  I know you can now buy the sheets already painted but to save money I do my own.  It's what I do for you and to keep my business costs down.
 So after cutting the piece to fit I attached it with old screws and my drill.  This time I miss measured slightly and since I wanted a tight fit I had to sand the piece until it fit just right.  Guess I could have cut it a little shorter but that would be the easy way, right.  I figured use a little muscle and sand it to fit and after seeing my picture of me getting into the dumpster it probably was a good idea.
This is the final product.  A chalkboard with a shelf one could use just about anywhere.  You like?  I do.  Just want to throw this out there to all of my followers who are getting rid of an item.  Give me a call if you think I can use it for a project to re purpose.  I love to do these projects, a lot of work yes but look at the results.  Thank you reading.  Cisco

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